Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Frances Hill writes:

Susie with her Godmother
"I shall always remember you with love, Susie: my beloved niece and godchild.  Being domiciled in Ceylon, currently on leave in England, you were the only child of the family at whose birth I was present and able to hold in my arms as an infant.  I was also there to help your mother decorate your nursery and prepare for your arrival in other small ways.  It was a privilege.  Thereafter I saw you every two or three years, monitoring your progress in short spells, but the bond of familial love and interest never waned.  You were always a blessed child, teenager and young lady, Sue, and I miss your presence among us now, but also find comfort in knowing you are an angel in heaven.  Like my son, be your old aunt's guardian and pray for us all."