Sunday, August 23, 2009

Susie and Her Cousins

This picture was kindly sent by Christine Magee.

I hope she won't mind if I reprint her comments to "In Memoriam" here.

Christine Magee said...

Susie was my lovely cousin and with only a year between us in age, our lives were closely interlinked, mainly in our early days of growing up in London. Our families were very close, not just geographically but because of the strong bond we had. Our mothers were sisters and we cousins were more like siblings . Therefore it seemed natural that later on Sue would be my bridesmaid, alongside Mary, my sister.

In those days leading up to our weddings and future lives as wives and mothers, our years were punctuated by Christmases and birthdays, and other social gatherings when we had so much fun. I remember the attic room where we whispered many secrets and stifled giggles. They are such warm memories. Although we did not see as much of each other in later years our mothers and aunts always made great efforts to keep family together, so news was readily at hand. I will always be grateful for that.

When Sue was first diagnosed with her illness and started treatment, we spoke many times on the phone. I can honestly say that she was the bravest, most selfless person I have ever known; a truly lovely person. She was an inspiration to me then and always will be.


For Aunty Nin
In memory of Susan

Each time I reach out for her
I know she’s already felt my touch
for she is always there,
holding the air between us,
ready to pull back time.

We know nothing of distance
and empty spaces,
our souls are locked
and thoughts shared,
her tears run with mine.
Our lips are sealed
with each others smiles.

She tells me she is my child,
we are a never ending story,
and she will always love me
to infinity and a step beyond.

August 23rd 2009